Lechuguilla Cave

Carlsbad Caverns State Park, NM

September, 2004

Aaron Addison lead a trip to push leads in the Rift.  We spent a week making trips into the cave exploring places that were overlooked as early explorers followed the big passsage.

Aaron Addison rappelling into the entrance.

This is Aaron Addison in the new entrance culvert.

Aaron Addison at the top of Boulder Falls (180' drop)

The Nataloid at Nataloid Pass.

Typical lower rift passage, a large crevice at about a 70 degree angle. Requires some fun climbing.

This is one of the traverses over the lower Rift. The left side drops about a hundred feet down the sloped crevce to the lower Rift.

A small virgin alcove and pool we found.
This is the Delicatessen, quite pristene and beautiful.

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