Múzquiz Caving

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This site is all about the caves of Múzquiz, Coahuila. Múzquiz encompasses a large swath of desert and mountain forest in northern México. Most of it is limestone, and in a few special places it is riddled with deep pits that make their way down toward the aquifer below.

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Pozo de Bastante Hormigas

Pozo Brazo del Sol

Pozo Chiquillo

Pozo Cacahuate

Pozo Cazadora de Escorpión

Pozo Cedro de Oso

Pozo de la Comadreja

Pozo del Encinal

Pozo del Escorpión

Pozo Gatita

Pozo Huesos de Oso

Pozo Jardín de Pulpos

Pozo Mandarina

Pozo de Práctica

Pozo Que No Es SR26

Pozo Serpiente Esmeralda

Pozo Sin Oso

Pozo del Tecolote Occidental

Sótano Foxxy Hole

The Gold Star Muzquiteers: Thanks to all who have drafted the cave maps from the area: Andrea Croskrey, Taco Van Ieperin, David Ochel, Peter Sprouse, Saj Zappitello